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How much does each health report cost? 

HealthPapers.Net charges the same low price for EVERY health report on-file; regardless of its content or inherent level of difficulty. The advertised rate of $9.95/page stands for ALL of our existing reports. Thus, whether you order a simple overview of the human immune system or a complex study of fetal alcohol syndrome's long-term effects, the same base rate of $9.95/pg applies without any extra fees for complexity! Customized research, where we create a report on any topic YOU specify, is $19.95/pg and includes a free bibliography as well. As with our existing reports on-file, no additional fees are added for custom research assignments based on their inherent levels of difficulty. We find that any attempt to charge our customers based on "complexity" becomes too vague, ambiguous, and even unfair for both parties. Consequently, we have maintained one flat rate since 1994!  Indeed, HealthPapers.Net is just as interested in helping you maintain economic health as we are in helping you maintain a good, clean bill of traditional health!

 What level of expertise do your researchers have?  

research papers - help reports SEARCHMountains worth of experience! Finding, sorting, analyzing, and interpreting academic information has been their job for years! Since 1994, The Paper Store has built up a collection of hundreds upon hundreds of health reports--all developed by our own roster of contracted experts! Can you imagine writing dozens of research reports? How about hundreds? While it's a difficult task for most of us to even conceive, the end result of completing such a mission is, indeed,-- a level of expertise evidenced quite clearly by our existing base of researchers and by our vast inventory of research papers & reports.

 How does HealthPapers.Net define one "page" ?  

health papers - reports on healthWith the advent of newer fonts and typesetting formats, the 'digital age' has made this a rather common question. HealthPapers.Net does not make use of any font enlargement or space enhancement techniques to extend the length of our reports. To be fair, we sell all of our reports in standard, Courier 12pt font with 2.0 spacing and 1" margins. This practice yields an average of 225 words per page and complies with traditional typewriter standards so as not to unfairly inflate or deflate our page counts. 

 Are these Health reports available only in English ?  

HealthPapers.Net also sells our papers in Spanish, French, Italian, German, & Portuguese! To have ANY report you find here translated into one of those five languages, just select the appropriate translation option on our order form. Please keep in mind that all of our reports were originally written in English and thus, translations may sometimes come out a bit rough. As a courtesy back-up, we will still always send a copy of every report in its original English form --even if you purchase a translated copy as well. It does not take any longer to process orders with translation requests attached to them.



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